Staff Picks: 10 Best Personalized Gifts Ideas For All Occasions

Who knows all the product collections in koalaPrint best?

Of course, it is our team members, our team members let you in on their favorite picks for 2021 to snap up for your collection for the near future ahead.

Whether it’s meaningful custom jewelry or a coffee cup to carry, make the giving season extra special this year with a one-of-a-kind gift made just for them.

#1 Custom Photo Projection Ring Tiara-shaped Ring Personalized Jewelry Silver Ring

Why not let the ring that is already full of love add another meaning? 

-How to show your ring 

Put the nano engraved stone right under your cellphone camera to view the engraved content clearly, or just take a closer look through the stone. 

-Send your love in a way more than saying

A classic ring of beautiful novelty design. Nano engraving technology allows your photo placed in such a tiny zone in an exquisite ring, where can be well-preserved the most.


#2 Custom Photo Projection Matching Necklace Personalized Couple Jewelry Nano Engraving Pendant

I love you more than the moon loves the sun.Bring moon and sun to your wife’s life.

 -How to view the engraved content

Put the nano engraved bead right under your cellphone camera to view the engraved content clearly, or just take a closer look through the bead. Turn on the flashlight of your phone and align the bead of the jewelry on the flashlight, the content will be projected on a flat surface where the flashlight dropped.

-Souvenir for best wishes

It’s the ideal gift to express your feeling to her in a thoughtful way. Engraved the photo of yours or your words of love. Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary, and any other special events, send your love and show how your care about the time you share.


#3 Custom Photo Nano Engraving Ring Hearts Retractable Bracelet Magical Cube Jewelry Box Set Gift Combo

Open the romantic moment with this magical jewelry box.

-A personalized photo engraved 

Put the nano engraved stone right under your cellphone camera to view the engraved content clearly, or just take a closer look through the stone. 

-1 bracelet for 2 styles of wearing 

The bracelet has a unique functional design. With a simple stretch, a stylish bracelet comes out. Gently pull from the sides, the bracelet returns to a ring.


#4 Custom Photo Figure Shaped Pillow Personalized Figure Pillow

🎁 Turn your dog, cat, loved one, or anything else you can think of, into a pillow to create the perfect gift!

-Soft, elastic and comfortable

The pillow is made of premium micro-polar fleece that is skin-friendly with a soft sheen. Inserted soft PP cotton, which allows you to doze off comfortably with this one-of-a-kind pillow. Create a luxurious getaway with this super soft and cozy pillow.

Cuddling your love

The figure of the pillow is personalized according to your photo. It would be a unique surprise to send a shaped pillow of yours to your family, friend, etc.


#5 Custom Photo Magical Sequins Pillowcase Shinny Sequins Personalized Gift Throw Pillow Case

May your smile shine on these sequins, recalling those happy days from your mind.

-Have more fun cuddling this unique pillowcase.

Gently run your fingers through this pillowcase, the snap of memory instantly displayed. Just like recalling those happy days from your mind.

-Special unique gift.

This pillowcase is such a funny and unusual gift for friends, family, colleagues, etc. These reversible magical sequins can be flipped and changed between photos and beautiful blue color, which would have people play it all day.


#6 Custom Framed Photo Music Box Jewelry Box Personalized Gift

Custom photos, music, jewelry, everything can make you laugh!

-Superior material

Premium movement of Sankyo provides strong power with exquisite size, which efficiently declines the noise of movement. The rounded corners and the wooden texture provide the beauty of simplicity as a wooden ornament.

-Meaningful souvenir

It’s perfect as a gift or gift case for any anniversaries, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, etc. A music box is the perfect romantic gift in everyone’s mind. As the time flow, the memory and the music preserved still.


#7 Custom Framed Photo Music Box Movement Music Box Personalized Gift

You know the sound of memories never fade.

-Let the happy time flow into one’s mind 

Open the case, wind the spring at the bottom, your happy time recalled along with the music played. Just let your precious moment stay in this exquisite little case.

-Insert & remove your photo 

Open the box, place your photo into the photo frame. Cover your photo with a transparent sheet. Clear the sheet by removing the layers on both sides of the sheet. 

If you want to remove the photo, press onto the sheet and pull to one side slightly, the photo slides out. Do not pull hard.


#8 Custom Heat Sensitive Mug Color Changing Coffee Mugs Magical Mug

Let out your hidden feeling.

-Amazing gift

Such mug of heat-activated design will be a unique gift for friends, funny, unique, pretty, the outer design of the mug features a bright white base for adding on your photo, logo, pattern, or motto to send your words silently.

-Safe and durable

It’s made of durable ceramic material, which is safe and healthy for drinkware. Meets and exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety.


#9 Custom Photo Oil Painting Paint by Numbers Kit Personalized Gift

Want to customize a painting that belongs to her for your friend? 

You can customize it with her portrait or photo. Save the memories between friends through an oil painting and reproduce your precious moments. 

How to start Choose a size and upload your photo. 

You can preview the converted painting in our generator. Various images can be used, including portraits, landscapes, pets, etc. 

You will receive a pack of paintbrushes, linen cloth and acrylic paint. Stretch the linen to a flat surface. Complete your work in two steps:

 -Find the paint with the exact number. 

-Paste the acrylic paint directly onto the matching area by number.


#10 Custom Photo Engraving Wallet Men’s Wallet

🤣The best gift winner this year must be you, this is a personalized wallet carrier of your memory of love.

-Classical gift

A wallet is always a typical but timeless gift for a father, husband, family or friend.

-Large capacity

The wallet has a photo slot, 3 card slots as an admirable capacity for cash.

Everyone is unique. Many believe that you can tell a lot about a person by what jewelry you wear.

In KoalaPrint, our personalized items create the most perfect piece for you. You can customize pictures, text, creating a unique and extraordinary piece. KoalaPrint offer meaningful works for you, perfect for adding mysterious features.

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