Mother’s day necklace with children’s names

Name necklace is a trend! And you will love this trend! You create memories, we help you capture them and we make customized name necklaces for you. Every personalized jewelry contains your full of love. The meticulously crafted representative jewellery sets off your uniqueness.

As a gift, no matter where you go, you can bring your favorite person to the place closest to your heart. Whether you want to engrave the initials or the names, or even birth dates, our charms are the sweetest way of celebrating motherhood! One of our customers said:”KoalaPrint collection features the cutest personalized necklaces for mom I can find!”

Personalize your name necklace at KoalaPrint, each necklace has 10 fonts you can change~

#1 Courage-Addcityboy Custom Copper Name Necklace

The mother’s motto carved on the chest, and you can think of the mother when you touch the custom necklace with your hand. Hang the letters or numbers under the necklace, bringing you a unique and elegant impression.

#2 Arabic Custom Copper Name Necklace

This is one of KoalaPrint‘s most distinctive necklaces. the form of the Arabic script is more unique and exotic, and the custom necklace of the Arabic script is customized to make your mother more mysterious.

#3 Angel-AIV33 Custom Copper Name Necklace

The love represented by this jewelry is eternal. The name of this beautiful custom necklace is “Angel.” This custom angel necklace is available in 925 sterling silver and copper plating. It is a modern interpretation of the classic mother angel necklace.

#4 Carrie “Heart”-Commercial Script Custom Copper Name Necklace

This personalized name necklace reminds us of the necklace fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and the City. The name of the custom-made mother in the necklace is followed by a small love heart, adding a little decorative art to the necklace, and at the same time it contains extraordinary meaning, representing the love that will never disappear.

#5 C “Heart” D Commercial Script Custom Copper Name Necklace

Only personalize the 2 alphabet letters necklace on both sides of the heart, and customize the initials of you and your mother to represent two-way love. I admit that this is one of the sweetest necklaces and the best way to tell her that I love her too. This single product not only adds a unique touch to any daily outfit, but also show mother what she means.

We all know that the love for mothers will never change. Use KoalaPrint beautiful custom necklaces to celebrate the bond between mother and child. These jewels are unique, so create a luxury gift for her now and see how the jewels work.

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