When we think of our pets, we think of endless love. Whether we consider them our companions or children, we are happy to have them as part of our family. Get them some gifts for these furry companions and bring a lot of positive vibes to your environment.

Custom Pet Portrait With Name Metal Dog Memorial Gift

Using a custom photo of your pet, our artists will outline it and cut it into the perfect piece of art through metalwork. You can use it to express your love for your pet. Or you can give it as a gift to any pet lover and they will surely love it very much.

Or if you are a loyal cat lover, we have noble cat portraits for you.

Cat Silhouette Custom British Shorthair Cat Portrait

We support three sizes of customization for less than $80 to help turn your pet’s photo into a metal piece. The eye-catching portrait now hangs in the living room, customized with your pet’s name and photo, so anyone knows the noble one is their cat. 😻

Custom Cat Name Sign Oriental Shorthair Cat Metal Portrait

Oriental Shorthair cats look aloof to people, from their large ears and angular faces to their long, thin frames. But it’s only after contact that you find the friendly, intelligent, curious, and loving personalities even more fascinating. Customize one of these cat decorations and continue to spend time with you and your family.

Your pet is different from others? KoalaPrint certainly supports customizing different pets, just send us a message.

Custom Animals Portrait Cute Pig Garden Art Sculpture

Pigs are mischievous, friendly, sensitive, and intelligent animals. I love pigs! Just like people, pigs are soothed by music, like to play ball, and even like massages. Give it as a distinctive gift to a cute pig lover. Put it on the wall decoration for decoration. It’s the perfect gift the recipient can see and post for years to come!

Giraffe Wall Art Personalized Name Animal Portrait

Who is your favorite one you saw in the zoo? Mine was Mr. Long Neck —— Giraffe anyway!

Round giraffe made of metal, with a garland on its head and its tongue sticking out as if it is eating grass. It can bring a lot of positive vibes to your house and help lighten the atmosphere of your house, adding a sense of being in a zoo.

Metal Cow Yard Art Peeping Metal Garden Animal Sign

Get ready to hang these awesome peek-a-boo animal clips in trees, on fence posts, or anywhere you want. You can’t go wrong with having this exquisite set of artwork on your patio. There are 5 animals signs in KoalaPrint for you to choose from. Include metal Cows and cows with a big ear, Coat, Cows, Turkey.

Cat Silhouette Rabbit Silhouette Metal Animal Garden Stakes

Add fun to your garden with KoalaPrint’s lifelike animal silhouettes. Each cute animal garden stake is designed in silhouette form like a restored animal. Bring your garden to life with a selection of cats and rabbits to become artifacts that serve both ornamental and practical functions in your home.

Surely you can pinpoint every breed of pet, try your dog?

Pet Portraits Custom Name Border Collie Sculpture

If you have a Border Collie, you can easily picture in your mind what’s happening around the house spending time with a favorite toy and jumping around enthusiastically. Customize a pet portrait just for him and turn the memories you want to cherish into paintings that will always be with you and decorate your home.

Labrador Portrait Wall Decor Pet Portraits Memorial Gift

When you think of Labradors, you think of them as being gentle and non-aggressive. Popular with people, they are also very good working dogs. Give one to your friend in memory of her guide dog.

Not only do we use metalwork tools to memorialize your pet, but there is also another way to sketch a portrait.

Pet Portrait Custom Sketch Portrait Memorial Pet Painting

This pet portrait is guaranteed to delight. Our professional artist hand paints the portrait from your picture. Pure hand-painted artwork that expresses your love for your pet. This painting style will complement the decor of any room you place it in.

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