10 Best Metal Yard Art Ideas For Your Backyard

Always seeing amazing gardens in other people’s homes? If you’re struggling to find the time to create your own backyard, check out KoalaPrints beautiful and unique metal patio art that can help you decorate your garden with ease. Build on your already vibrant garden and come up with some unique art that brings a different dimension to you.

Metal Agave Yard Art Lawn Ornaments Tequila Statue

For those who love some rusty art, this tequila statue is sure to be a visible focal point in a garden decoration that draws everyone’s attention. The rusty blue agave plant, coated with high-gloss paint, creates a very unique juxtaposition with the rusty steel surface. This particular tequila statue has no base and looks as if it is growing out of the ground to illuminate any space you place it in.

Metal Cat Peeking Cat Garden Decor Kitty Metal Yard Art

If you’re a kitten lover, use this peek-a-boo cat garden decoration to show off. Our metal animals are always a hit, not just for kittens, but for picking out cows and goats. CNC plasma cutting technology ensures the quality of the product you order. These outdoor farm metal art pieces will make you the most noteworthy neighbor.

Metal Infinity Sign Custom Infinity Symbol With Names

There will always be events in your garden, such as friends’ parties, kids’ birthdays, and you should definitely consider using these custom metal signs. You can add two names and a date to customize your own garden symbols. It can even be used as a backdrop arrangement for weddings, adding a touch of romance to any home and garden.

Personalized Greenhouse Sign Hanging Name Garden Sign

This garden sign can be customized like Mom’s greenhouse, Dad’s greenhouse, or Millie’s greenhouse. Of course, the text can be any word you like. The shape is a pentagon, outlining a home shape and giving a very warm feeling to those who have seen it. It can be hung directly from a beam in a greenhouse or garden room, adding your own personal marker with a simple operation.

Custom Metal Name Sign Metal Name Sign Wall Decor

If you’re a big fan of metal garden art, here’s a sign that can be customized with any message and you can create anything you think of. This custom metal piece is a hit! It’s more casual and supports three sizes 14”,18”,22” to meet your needs for all styles of gardens. The rustic metal decor makes everyone pay more attention to your garden.

Tree Of Life Wall Art Metal Family Tree Wall Hanging

This tree of life is very beautiful and attractive. It is the basic archetype of many of the world’s mythological, religious and philosophical traditions and signifies immortality. Hang it on the wall next to your garden or hang it on the wall of your room to add so much elegance and sophistication to your garden. Made of metal with brightly colored pendants, it is an easy way for you to make an important statement.

Halloween Silhouette Spooky Witch With Cats Yard Art

Decorations are everywhere in your home this coming Halloween, so why would you forget about your garden? The front door couplets, the stickers on the windows, and the wall wreaths of your home, how about trying to decorate your yard with a black Halloween silhouette. This ornament is made of metal. The hand-cut silhouette is carefully cut and polished, making it the perfect garden decorative art. It’s especially scary for those who see it during Halloween or at your party.

House Name Signs Personalized Family Name Sign

This house sign can be customized with three different sign lines to fit your family’s features. Place it on the wall by the entrance to give visitors a hint. Place it on the fence by the garden entrance to give yourself as a reward for working so hard to create your garden. Give as a thoughtful gift to a housewarming friend to add a splash of color to its front yard.

Cactus Ornament Outdoor Saguaro Cactus Plant Sculpture

KoalaPrint wants to add vitality to your home, these metal outdoor cacti are the best gift we have for you. This cool little cactus plant sculpture is a great garden gift that requires no watering or care and looks great in a pot or when planted alone. The various colors of cacti bring your garden into the desert from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Sunflower Wreath Autumn Farmhouse Bee Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are everywhere but have you ever seen the colors of bees incorporated into a wreath. It’s like attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to visit. The decorations can be hung freely and hung at the entrance to greet visitors and say welcome. Hanging on your garden fence is a great way to distinguish your outdoor space from your neighbor’s garden.

Click through KoalaPrint’s list of albums, from garden signage to holiday-related trim art, to hopefully help you create a one-of-a-kind garden.

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