Shopping List of Essential Back To School Supplies

After the summer break, it’s time for a new school year. Many parents breathe a sigh of relief, but with it comes the need to prepare the kids’ back to school supplies. Nothing reflects their personalities better than customized ones at KoalaPrint: custom school bags, pencil cases, writing tablet and more.

KoalaPrint has a range of school supplies to help you get ready for the new school year. Kids have exclusive stationery with your help, adding unique and personalized designs to their usual supplies.

From elementary school students to college students, from crayons for drawing to textbooks or tablets, a good backpack can help you handle all the essentials.

KoalaPrint‘s backpacks are the best choice you can make. We can customize an exclusive backpack with your child’s photo to make it stand out from the crowd of identical school bags. Even if it falls into the lost and found, it will be the easiest one to find! A large capacity, comfortable and neat school bag is the perfect equipment for your school year.

Accompanying the personalized backpack is a pencil case. From canvas to leather, from an Apple stylus that protects you to a pencil case that holds a full set of crayons, KoalaPrint has just about any type you can think of.

Designed with multiple compartments, this pencil case has plenty of room for pencils, pens, markers, erasers, and other school essentials. You can even put larger school supplies like miniature staplers, scissors and sticky notes inside the pencil case.

One of the most popular items for back to school this year is a personalized pencil with a unique message! Customize your child’s pencil with their name on it. You can also choose the number of pencils in the set, and with a set of 12 pencils, you’ll never have to worry about losing a pencil again.

This is a set of different colored pencils, high quality pencils that symbolize moods. Children will look forward to using them and use them to get in a better mood when doing homework and writing in their journals.

It’s important for anyone to have a place to jot down their daily thoughts. Respect the children in your family by trying to buy them a notebook. Whether they are studying hard for a test, traveling with friends, or meeting a boy they like, this little notebook can be used to write down their thoughts.

With this notebook, you can customize the surface text and make it your own. Not only can you use it to journal your mood, but you can also design your own plans according to your style and personality. When you look back, you will feel very warm. The last page of the notebook has a pocket to store your most precious photos. Wherever you go, you can take them with you.

Choose a new design – writing tablet that focuses on the feel of the original paper, and the touch of the computer. It can help you focus on the writing pad and make it easy for you to draw or copy.

If you’re worried about kids being too preoccupied with computers and TV, this is an e-book writing and drawing board doodling board. Eye friendly, safe and comfortable writing board that goes everywhere, kids can use her imagination and creativity anytime and anywhere.

Start the school year safely with a cup of their own for your child, especially during the Coronavirus. Keep your child hydrated at school. Personalize their water bottle with a photo to make sure they stay warm at school.

KoalaPrint‘s insulated bottle holds up to 16 ounces (500 ml) of water. Drinking through the straw prevents children from leaking or pouring water, so you don’t have to worry about your child at school. Add a personalized design to prevent loss.

Kids are always losing their school supplies. From custom pencils to pencil cases, rulers are certainly essential and are included in the list of all school supplies. These engraved rulers make great gifts for kids.

This is a ruler that can be used as a keychain and is convenient for storing your child’s keys. Made of copper, it is less likely to break and more secure. When used for school or college, office, home, etc., just tuck it into your pencil case (which can include your keys!) .

Protect your child’s belongings! Your child’s name can be printed on all back to school items. Use ink stamps to put your own logo on all items. This is the easiest way to customize anything.

It is more environmentally friendly than other item markers. It can be customized with the name or label you want and is perfect for paperwork in any environment. Easy to use, with clear and accurate names on mugs and clothing.

Of all the back-to-school items, this paper e-watch is the coolest. It’s a cool wristband in the sun and glows at night. All the kids love it.

You never have to worry about your kids sweating and getting the paper watch wet, try throwing it in the water and you’ll find everything works fine. Don’t worry about wearing comfort either, it’s super light and provides you with a comfortable and free wearing experience.

Use this portable fan to help your child cool down during the hot summer months. This portable wrist fan can be worn on the wrist like a watch and is easy to put on and take off. Keep your child from blushing at all times.

This is the perfect watch fan for girls and boys. If you have a very athletic child, use this watch fan to cool them down and keep them cool throughout the hot summer months.

Whether you’re just starting kindergarten or about to graduate from college, it’s a great option to prepare personalized school supplies. Take the first step in getting ready for the new school year with back-to-school shopping. KoalaPrint will customize the school supplies you need based on the photos and text you provide to help you get into the swing of things.

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