10 Most Popular Customizable Souvenir Jewelry You Can Get On KoalaPrint

We love being able to be part of meaningful occasions and celebrating happy memories with our customizable jewelry.

Whether it is the commemorative name engraved on the custom ring, symbolizing eternal friendship. Or enriching your bracelet with rainbow-like colors with gem elements. And the silver pendant with the names of all family members engraved on it, it represents the warmth of the whole family .

All of which are truly one-of-a-kind.

#1 “AMY-ANNA” Custom Name Ring

The latest trend in 2021 is to create a ring tribe, wear all your favorite rings at once, and use all your fingers to cleverly create a horizontal pile of lines. KoalaPrint ring is superimposed with a timeless classic single product, double-layer design, personalize it with your name.

#2 “SunnyLove” Custom Name Ring

We also have a layer of classic styles. Wearing two different jewels can give you extra style, and use KoalaPrints luxury gift to add sweetness and some elegant style to your hands. “Choosing is for rookies I want it all”. Why choose one when you can have both at the same time?🥳

#3 Infinity-CommercialScript Custom Birthstones Name Necklace

Mix and match not only for rings, but also for your eternal gold and silver necklaces. Add some customized gem products and try something more dynamic. The combination of gems and letters is more popular, bringing brighter colors to your life and making you more dazzling.

#4 Custom Birthstones Family Name Necklace 4 Names Engraving Rings Pendants

Any woman should dress up and make herself radiant. KoalaPrint‘s ring pendant is surrounded by a small rings with customized name, and jewelry is the core of perfection. Each necklace shines with light, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.


#5 Custom Circle Bamboo Earrings with Name Personalized Door Knocker Earrings Retro Jewelry

It’s a pair of earrings that is large and with a stylish door knocker design. Your personalized content is circled in the circle. Turn your name into delicate jewelry and send your best wishes.

#6 Custom Name Earrings Personalized Rings Ear Studs Personalized Jewelry

It’s a pair of custom ear studs with a ring circled your personalized content. This is an elegant single product that modifies your face, with a low-cut top, full of personality, and injects vitality into your style.


#7 Custom Openable Wings Photo Heart Locket 925 Sterling Silver Photo Necklace Suprisng Jewelry Gift

This is an exquisite customized heart-shaped photo locket necklace that displays your beloved photos in a pair of openable wings. For friends or family, this openable winged heart-shaped photo locket necklace may be one Kind of unique charm.

#8 Personalised New Design Slidable Global Travel Photo Necklace with Engraved Text Great Jewelry Gift

It’s a special slidable global travel photo pendant necklace that displays your beloved photo in a hollow pendant, while the slidable surface of the pendant is a great place to engrave your love words. We made these memories for ourselves.

#9 Custom Heartbeat Photo Necklace Name Engraved Trendy Photo Necklace Jewelry Gift

KoalaPrint‘s special heartbeat photo pendant necklace, displays your beloved photos in a beautiful pendant, and the back of the pendant is a good place to engrave love words and protect the privacy of the story.


#10 Custom Children Figure Charm Necklace Vertical Pendant Personalized Name Necklace

Customize a necklace with a family portrait for your family! Pick the color and add up to four texts, turn your bond of love into this personalized jewelry. Telling your story through these KoalaPrint personalized jewelry is a way to express yourself.

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